Rojh Dychangco Baquiran

Rogemar Dychangco Baquiran, is a Music Producer, Studio & Live Audio Engineer from the Philippines. He finished the Music Production degree at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. He has the studio named The North Hit Project. Recently he was the recording engineer for Coke Studio Season 2 Homecoming PH and he works for different artists locally. 

Favorite PSP plug-ins: PSP E27

"The PSP E27 is one of the best EQs I’ve tried. It's clean when you want it and there's a drive section if you want some pristine saturation. The 28k button is magic when its needed, also love doing midrange stuff like guitars on these! You can put these literally on anything, busses, tracks and masters. Also, when you need something to cut through, pop one of these eqs and eq to taste instant gratification!  So far this eq is the only one that can give me Airy Highs, Meaty lows and Awesome Mids at the same time, not all eq can do that in just a single plugin."

More about Rogemar:

The North Hit Project