Enrico De Paoli

Enrico De Paoli is a Multi-GRAMMY® award winning engineer/producer who has worked with the likes of Ray Charles, Al Jarreau, Alexander O’Neal, Aaron Neville, Djavan, Stanley Jordan, Marcus Miller, and more. He is a brazilian-born citizen of Italy who currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with constant trips to the United States. He graduated from the Grove School of Music (Recording Engineering and Keyboard Musicianship) in 1991, and from the Musician’s Institute (Keyboard Institute of Technology) in 1993, both in Los Angeles, California.

Favorite PSP plug-ins:
PSP E27: “Modelled after the new-classic Avedis Audio eq. Avedis is the most knowledgeable NEVE/API specialist I’ve known for the past 20 years. He gathered all this knowhow into his line of analog gear and PSP brought this to a plugin. I simply love it.”
PSP Vintage Warmer2: “The easiest to use mastering multi-band limiter there is. And the warmest one too. Really, no fussing on parameters and crossover points. Its knee knob is a very welcome addition to the design and makes the unit even more powerful. This processor sounds good and musical out of the box.”
PSP StompFilter: “VERY musical and VERY analog (PSP style!) filter. The envelope settings give this processor a lot of movement on my mixes.”
PSP PianoVerb: “Fat and resonant reverb, different than anything else I am used to. Makes me remember when I placed a boombox inside a grand piano when I was a teen.”
PSP TripleMeter: “Finally a REAL analog meter that works old school. Knowing my RMS level throughout my work is a must for mixing and mastering purposes. Absolutely impossible to live without it! I come from the analog days, and watching a real VU is a joy.”

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