Anne Gauthier

Anne Gauthier is the Head Engineer/Producer at La La Land Sound in Louisville, Kentucky.  Originally from Montreal, Canada, Anne got her musical start playing drums at 15, eventually touring internationally with electronic act TR/ST after years of national tours with Canadian acts.

These days, she spends most of her time in the studio, recording, mixing and producing and sharing the magic of record making with artists like Murder By Death, Bonnie Prince Billy, GRLwood, Joan Shelley, Strand of Oaks, By the Grace of God, and Rachel Grimes. Anne has also worked on albums by Ray Lamontagne, Jake Shears, Emma Ruth Rundle and White Reaper. Anne has gotten to engineer records for producers Kevin Ratterman, Jim James and Glyn Johns. 

Her production style has been called organic and intimate and specializes in creating punchy drums and warm acoustic instruments sounds and loves the energy of musicians making albums while sharing the same space.

She’s recorded, mixed and/or produced more than 200 records in her career with records gathering reviews in publications such as Rolling Stone, Nylon, Billboard, NPR, Brooklyn Vegan, Kerrang, AVClub, Magnet and has gathered features on Tape op, Hype Magazine, and various music minded podcasts.

She loves working with artists on all styles of music: rock, country, experimental, contemporary, classical and everything in between. Always excited to help musicians craft and share their vision, whether they are new or established acts.

Favorite PSP plug-ins:

I’ve used the PSP VintageWarmer in almost every mix i’ve done  in some form or another since i’ve discovered the plugin years ago - does wonders both on mix bus or individual tracks, big fan. Also amazing when in a stump and takes the place of what 4 or 5 plugins would do for audio sources lacking sonic sparks.  I work in sometimes fast paced mixing situations and this plugin comes in very handy very often to add punch, clarity and thickness.

PSP E27 regularly lives on my drum bus for rock kits that need more oomph, the 28k high frequency boost is also super useful for times when a little high frequency shine needs to be added on individual tracks.

More about Anne: