PSP Modules for Voltage Modular System


Introducing PSP modules for the brand new Voltage Modular virtual platform developed by our friends from Cherry Audio!


Our 33 modules fall into two categories: effects modules based on our extensive experience in developing high quality “bread and butter” effects and processor plug-ins and exciting, creative modules that use algorithms from our flagship multieffect plug-in PSP N2O (formerly PSP Nitro) as a starting point and take those effects to the next level. Every algorithm has been adapted, tailored, and expanded to take full advantage of the extraordinary possibilities offered by the modular format and flexibility of the Voltage system. To see our modules in action try them on your own DAW using the fully featured 7-day demo version available at Cherry Audio’s store.


PSP eFeMerizer!

PSP eFeMerizer (NEW!) 


PSP Classics Modular collection for Voltage!

PSP Classics Modular Collection


PSP Poly Modular Collection!

PSP Poly Modular Collection


PSP nitroModular collection for Voltage!

PSP nitroModular Collection


PSP Studio Modular collection for Voltage!

PSP Studio Modular Collection


You can buy the modules individually or in one of four bundles. Our bundles are available at Cherry Audio's store for the following discount prices: PSP Classics Modular Collection ($59) , PSP Studio Modular Collection ($33), PSP nitroModular Collection ($79), PSP Poly Modular Collection ($49) or PSP Ultimate Modular Collection ($99 ONLY! for all our modules!)





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