Steinberg The official homepage of Steinberg British Cubase related site with its own forums

Espace Cubase VST The website of French-speaking Cubase users

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the official home page of Mark of the Unicorn

MOTUnation a web page with its own forums for users of MOTU products

Apple's Logic site
Logic site on Apple site

Logic User Group The Logic Users Group (LUG) is the oldest and largest Logic community in existence.


the international site of AVID


The official homepage of CakeWalk


the official homepage of Adobe

DSP Quattro the official homepage of the i3 group

FL studio the official homepage of Image Line

Live the official homepage of Ableton

Orion the official hompage of Synapse Audio

PEAK the official homepage of BIAS

PYRAMIX the official hompage of Merging Engineering

REAPER the official hompage of Reaper

Samplitude & Sequoia the official hompage of Magix

SAW studio the official hompage of RML Labs


Audio Media
The official web site of Audio Media magazine (UK)

Computer Music The official web site of Computer Music magazine (UK)

EQ The official web site of EQ magazine (US)

Future Music The official web site of Future Music magazine (UK)

Keyboard The official web site of Keyboard magazine (US)

MusicTech The official web site of MusicTech magazine (UK)

Mix The official web site of Mix magazine (US)

Recording The official web site of Recording Magazine (US)

Resolution The official web site of Resolution Magazine (UK)

Sound on Sound The official web site of Sound on Sound magazine (UK)

TapeOp The official web site of TapeOp magazine (US)

Estrada i Studio The biggest and the best Polish magazine about studio and stage equipment


DanceTech Everything for making Dance music, Production Tips & Techniques

GearSlutz a site for musicians: forums, community and more...

KVRaudio virtual instruments and plug-in news, reviews and huge web community

MacMusic daily news about macintosh, audio, music and MIDI music gear reviews and news source for information on the Digital Audio Workstation

ProSoundWeb web community for all aspects of the professional sound industry The Musicians Network: tips, help, contacts, studios, forums

Shareware Music Machine The World's biggest music software site

Sonic State home of the world's greatest synth resource

TraX - Digital Music Scene latest news in the world of Pro Audio and the Computer Music scene on the Inetrnet

The Guitar Junky Music Gear Reviews, Buying Guides, & More

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