Our products are not standalone applications, they are 'just' plug-ins. A plug-in is a program that operates and is started inside of another program (host) in order to expand its possibilities.

We have tested our plug-ins in:

  • AudioDesk for Mac
  • Bitwig
  • CoolEdit for PC
  • Cubase for PC & Mac
  • Digital Performer for Mac
  • DSP Quattro for Mac
  • Live for Mac and PC
  • Logic for PC & Mac
  • n-Track Studio for PC
  • Nuendo for PC & Mac
  • Orion for PC
  • Paris for PC
  • Peak for Mac
  • Protools for PC & Mac
  • Samplitiude for PC
  • SAW studio for PC
  • Seqoia for PC
  • Sonar for PC
  • sonicWORX for Mac
  • SoundForge for PC
  • StudioOne for PC & Mac
  • WaveLab for PC

If your host application is not listed above we strongly recommend that you install and test demo version of our plug-ins before purchase.

Minimum system requirements depends on the plug-in.

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