There you can find some of PSP plug-ins reviews taken from professional musicians' magazines or websites .

PSP NobleQ, PSP oldTimer, PSP sQuad, PSP Xenon, PSP MasterComp, PSP VintageWarmer,

PSP Neon, PSP MasterQ, PSP 608 MultiDelay, PSP Nitro, Lexicon PSP 42, PSP 84,

PSP EasyVerb, PSP MixPack, PSP StereoPack, PSP PianoVerb, PSP L'otary

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PSP NobleQ

PSP NobleQ Sound On Sound

PSP NobleQ Electronic Musicians

PSP oldTimer Electronic Musician

PSP oldTimer Mix

PSP oldTimer Sound on Sound


PSP sQuad

PSP sQuad Sound on Sound

PSP Xenon Sound on Sound
PSP Xenon Electronic Musician
PSP Xenon
PSP Xenon Mix

PSP MasterComp Mix
PSP MasterComp Electronic Musician
PSP MasterComp

PSP VintageWarmer Mix
PSP VintageWarmer Sound on Sound
PSP VintageWarmer Electronic Musician
PSP VintageWarmer Club Cubase
PSP VintageWarmer
PSP VintageWarmer Musical ACT
PSP VintageWarmer
PSP VintageWarmer Harmony Central

PSP Neon Sound on Sound
PSP Neon
PSP Neon Tape Op

PSP MasterQ Sound on Sound

PSP 608 MultiDelay Mix
PSP 608 MultiDelay Sound on Sound
PSP 608 MultiDelay Electronic Musician
PSP 608 MultiDelay

PSP Nitro Remix
PSP Nitro
Sound on Sound
PSP Nitro
Electronic Musician

Lexicon PSP 42
Lexicon PSP 42 Sound on Sound
Lexicon PSP 42 Electronic Musician

PSP 84
PSP 84 Sound on Sound

PSP EasyVerb Sound on Sound

PSP MixPack Recording
PSP MixPack Electronic Musician
PSP MixPack Computer Music
PSP MixPack Keyboard
PSP MixPack Estrada i Studio
PSP MixPack Harmony Central
PSP MixPack

PSP StereoPack Recording
PSP StereoPack Electronic Musician
PSP StereoPack Computer Music
PSP StereoPack KEYS
PSP StereoPack The Mix
PSP StereoPack Estrada i Studio
PSP StereoPack Techno Party
PSP StereoPack Harmony Central

PSP PianoVerb Club Cubase
PSP PianoVerb Sound on Sound

PSP L'otary


PSP L'otary Sound on Sound
PSP L'otary Electronic Musician
PSP L'otary Electronic Musician
PSP L'otary MusicTech
PSP L'otary Computer Music



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