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PSP StereoPack

Last month we brought you the freeware version of PSP's StereoPack on our cover CD. This month we're looking at the fully-featured version. This collection of useful stereo plug-ins can enhance the stereo content of your material. Also included is a stereo analyser for checking stereo content, positioning and phase problems.

The pack is made up of four separate modules. The Stereo Enhancer works in much the same way as a Vitalizer. It expands the stereo image, making your mixes sound wider. This works well, but don't overdo it. It's easy to get too accustomed to this kind of effect. Pseudo Stereo makes mono sources appear to be stereo. This is usually done using phasing tricks, but this one uses that old engineer's trick of comb filtration. This can really fatten up dull pads and loops and is as good as any other we've seen, although a bit more subtle.

The Stereo Controller is for correcting stereo problems, with various parameters to re-align your stereo image if it's suffering from one-sidedness or phasing. This one is really useful and should definitely be a part of your mastering set-up.

Overall these plug-ins are excellent and the graphics interfaces are superb, with just the right amount of information displayed in clear way.

Issue 77; Midsummer 2000; p.12

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