PSP InfiniStrip

an infinitely configurable channel strip perfect for both tracking and mixing!

PSP WintageWarmer 2

The award-winning analog-style multi-band compressor limiter!

PSP FETpressor

a FET feedback type compressor plug-in.

PSP Twin-L

a dual algorithm classic limiter!

A compressor designed for demanding track and program compression, limiting and mastering!

PSP oldTimerMultiBand

a vintage-style multi-band compressor!

A precision stereo mastering compressor with high fidelity sound and unique linking features.

Full-band dual-stage precision limiter, featuring an integrated Leveller, and more.

the sound of classic VCA compression with wide tuning capabilities!

A low-frequency processor that delivers punchy analog bass enhancement.

Enhances the dynamic range, sharpness, clarity, and spaciality of treble frequencies.

A classic compressor that emulates valve and opto-electronic circuits.

This plug-in simulates the warmth, drive, and compression of tape, tubes, and other analog circuits.

A configurable, ultra-fast precision noise gate that includes filters to tailor the control signal.

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