PSP InfiniStrip

an infinitely configurable channel strip perfect for both tracking and mixing!

PSP WintageWarmer 2

The award-winning analog-style multi-band compressor limiter!

PSP FETpressor

a FET feedback type compressor plug-in.

PSP Twin-L

a dual algorithm classic limiter!

A compressor designed for demanding track and program compression, limiting and mastering!

PSP oldTimerMultiBand

a vintage-style multi-band compressor!

A precision stereo mastering compressor with high fidelity sound and unique linking features.

Full-band dual-stage precision limiter, featuring an integrated Leveller, and more.

the sound of classic VCA compression with wide tuning capabilities!

A low-frequency processor that delivers punchy analog bass enhancement.

Enhances the dynamic range, sharpness, clarity, and spaciality of treble frequencies.

A classic compressor that emulates valve and opto-electronic circuits.

This plug-in simulates the warmth, drive, and compression of tape, tubes, and other analog circuits.

A configurable, ultra-fast precision noise gate that includes filters to tailor the control signal.

PSP InfiniStrip

an infinitely configurable channel strip perfect for both tracking and mixing!


a multistage equalizer plug-in modeled after the analog equalizer E27 produced by Avedis Audio Electronics.

PSP preQursor2

a specialized EQ plug-in with uniquely designed filters with low resonance peaks which reduce ringing artifacts.

PSP MasterQ2

a precise, surgical EQ for mastering or a color processor for sound design and mixing!

the incarnation of classic passive program equalizers with extra features.

Inspired by classic American-style EQs, this plug-in captures the flavor of vintage filters while offering modern features.

Captures the sonic character of British console EQs while adding modern features.

The classic sound of various famous console EQs coupled with modern features.

PSP Audioware’s unique take on a musical EQ with a unique character and low phase distortion.

A highly CPU effecient Linear phase EQ combining frequency-domain fast convolution and analog-modeled algorithms.

PSP 2445 EMT

a reverb processor inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberators: the EMT® 244 and the EMT® 245.

PSP Nexcellence

a rich-sounding, spring emulation inspired by and modeled after “Necklace-type” reverb units.

PSP PianoVerb2

A creative resonant reverb plug-in with extra features.

PSP SpringBox

an emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverberator.

An intuitive, inviting reverb plug-in featuring nine high quality algorithms.

A free algorithmic reverb that reproduces the unique reverberation of piano strings.

PSP stompDelay

a creative delay designed to provide a wide range of sounds.

Arguably one of the most fully-featured and user-friendly eight-tap delay effects available!

PSP Echo

A creative and easy-to-use tape delay for everything from warm slap-backs to tasty ping-pong delays and spacious echoes.

The Lexicon-approved digital stereo delay and phrase sampler based on the legendary Lexicon PCM42!

PSP 85

The big brother of the acclaimed Lexicon PSP 42!

PSP L'otary2

a master quality emulation of legendary rotary speakers!

A semi-modular multi-effect plug-in which offers unparalleled flexibility and total sound creation freedom!

a creative tool designed to provide an exceptionally wide range of modulated filter and gain sounds.

PSP B-Scanner

an emulation of the analog scanner-based effect.

PSP modules for Voltage!

PSP modules for    Voltage Modular the virtual, modular platform developed by Cherry Audio!

an incredible frequency shifter plug-in!

PSP InfiniStrip

an infinitely configurable channel strip perfect for both tracking and mixing!

PSP TripleMeter

PSP TripleMeter offers three different meters - VU meters, RMS meters, and PPM meters.


A high quality mastering dither and noise shaping processor.

A versatile tool for tracks' time alignment!

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